The Trump Reflation Trade is Fizzling

Steel stocks began selling off hard last week:   X (Daily) And the selling spread to integrated commodity behemoths such as BHP and Glencore today:   GLEN.L (Daily) While it’s possible that this market action could be limited to the … Continued

The Biggest Risk to Markets Right Now

I learned long ago to not be committed to a macro view as a market participant. Perhaps the most valuable thing to “understand” as an investor is to fully appreciate that there is a lot  that “i don’t know that … Continued

This Could Be The Most Bullish Chart For Precious Metals

Among other market developments in 2016 we have seen a breakdown in the spread between the 2-year treasury note yield and the 10-year treasury note yield:   2s/10s spread (gold below) The last time that the yield curve flattened significantly (2003-2006) … Continued

Deflationary Forces Gather Strength – Where Do Investors Seek Refuge?

Yesterday renowned bond fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach said 2016 is a “go with it” environment for the Treasury bond/interest rate complex. In other words, investors and traders should follow the trend and not try to fight momentum. If Gundlach is … Continued

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