Cancana On Track To Reach 50,000 Tonnes of Premium Manganese Production in 2016

Last week Cancana announced that its JV, Brazil Manganese Corp (BMC) achieved record quarterly production during the third quarter and August also turned in a monthly production record. This is quite impressive given that the Jaburi processing plant (1 of 2 processing plants in operating at the BMC Project) was closed for safety and operating improvements for much of the quarter.

The BMC Project is moving along with upgrades to its Jaburi processing plant and the company is on track to meet its target of 50,000 tonnes of manganese production per annum. A few highlights from the recent upgrades at Jaburi:


  • Construction of a shed and cover for improved wet season operation
  • Expansion of on-site accommodation for running a second shift
  • Installation of new jigs (devices used mainly in the mining industry for mineral processing, to separate particles within the ore body) for additional capacity and efficiency
  • The new jigs process two to five tonnes per hour (depending on particle size and water throughput).
  • This compares to the old jigs which could typically processes 10-15 tonnes over eight hours depending on the particle size.
  • New water tower to  supply the jigs with a constant source of water (water use is 30 cubic meters per hour per cell, with four cells)


New jigs at Jaburi:




New roof over Jaburi plant:



 Another angle of the new roof at the Jaburi plant:



New water tower ready for installation at Jaburi:

Caixa D´água Jig

No chemicals are used in the processing of manganese at the BMC Project. Moreover, water is recycled from the tailings ponds at BMC in order to keep the overall water requirement of the project to a minimum.


New dam being cleared at Rio Madeira:



 Different angle of dam at Rio Madeira:


Cancana has consistently demonstrated the scalability of the BMC Project by steadily increasing production and meeting production growth targets. This progress is exciting because the company has just scratched the surface of what the BMC Project could be capable of delivering. Investors can also look forward to an exploration update from Cancana in the next couple of weeks.

A slide from Cancana’s latest investor presentation helps to illustrate the enormous potential of the BMC Project; the DNEI target has just begun to be exploited and DNEI is just one of among 62 other promising targets that are being explored at the BMC Project: