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Robert Hirschberg is a Toronto, Canada apparel industry entrepreneur and investor.

For the past thirty five years, Mr. Hirschberg has been an active speculator in junior mining penny stocks, one of the highest-risk segments of all investing markets.

In this video, you will hear how Mr. Hirschberg parlayed $20,000 at the start of the 2000’s commodity bull market to over $15 million by 2011.

He has since suffered losses of over 70% from the peak, but Mr. Hirschberg remains optimistic that junior mining’s best days are ahead of it.

This is a unique story about a risk-taker who didn’t know how to say no. Mr. Hirschberg explains he had difficulty speaking as a child, and realized it would be easier to just say yes to everybody than have to explain himself.

I am grateful to Mr. Hirschberg for opening up to us, and for CEO.CA producer/director Carter Smith for taking on the assignment on short notice while we were at the PDAC last month in Toronto.

There is a lot to learn from Mr. Hirschberg’s story, not the least of which is to bet with money you can afford to lose. I knew we had a winner with this story on our hands when Carter commented to me, “Thanks for making me do it. Not gonna lie, most of the stuff I make I’d never show people unless they asked. This is different.”

Look for future updates from Rob Hirschberg on this blog. He promises that when he finds the next big winner, he’ll tell us about it.

We hope you enjoy this CEO.CA profile with Robert Hirschberg, and if you see Rob driving around Toronto in his Bentley, give him the thumbs up and be sure to ask what he’s investing in.

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Tommy Humphreys