All You Need to Know About Today’s Fed Announcement

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The following tweet from @BobBrinker sums up today’s FOMC announcement quite nicely:



The Fed lowered its 2015 PCE inflation forecast to a range of .6%-.8% from a previous range of 1.0%-1.6% and also lowered its 2015 GDP growth forecast to a range of 2.3%-2.7% from a previous range of 2.6%-3.0%. The Fed also noted that “export growth has weakened” (clearly a result of the huge US dollar rally).

Simply stated it would be unthinkable for the Fed to begin hiking rates against a backdrop of deteriorating GDP growth and mounting dis-inflationary pressures. Gold spiked above $1170/ounce following the announcement and risk assets such as equities and crude oil were also strongly bid:




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