5 Ways To Refresh & Reenergize Your Trading

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There are two non-market related disciplines which I have found to be crucial for my success, and sanity, as a regular market participant. Long hours at a desk staring at screens is not healthy, and perhaps worse, ones ability to see new perspectives and create new ideas can diminish after staring at the same/similar things day after day.

We see it all the time, people repeating the same stuff from the same perspective day after day. Success in markets requires objectivity, flexibility, agility, and discipline among others. For me physical activity and regular periods of silence are integral daily practices which support me in being objective, flexible, agile, and disciplined.

Some may laugh at the idea of “periods of silence,” however, nothing is as therapeutic and restorative as pure silence and peace. Every day we are inundated with noise from all angles (social media, text messages, phone calls, emails, stock price movements, etc.) so it has never been more important to shut it all off, slow down, and be at peace.

I have also found that physical activity, whether it’s in the form of yoga, going on walks, weight training, etc. is fundamental to refreshing and staying energized throughout the day. After all, our blood circulation stagnates after long periods of sitting. Exercise gets things flowing again and stimulates blood flow to the brain, where new ideas are generated.

Daily/weekly disciplines for market participants to practice:

  • Yoga (there is no single more effective practice for me than yoga)
  • Meditation (even 10 minutes in the middle of the day can refresh everything)
  • Walking (A 30 minute walk can change my perspective and help me come back to the market refreshed and reenergized)
  • Weight training (market participants are competitive and weight training allows one to get in better shape while improving and seeing oneself get stronger from week to week)
  • Massage (massage is peaceful, and incredibly refreshing)

Choose at least a couple of the above practices and commit to making them a regular part of your routine. Then watch the results you create and tell me about them!


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