Crude Oil Faces Huge Test With Short Positions at Record Levels

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After reaching the lowest levels since 2003 ($27.56) WTI crude oil futures rallied ~26% in 7 trading sessions:


WTI Crude Oil (Daily)


This week’s rally stopped right at the downtrend drawn from the November peak and previous support from December – crude oil faces a huge test next week after rallying nearly 5% on record weekly volume

Not surprisingly this brisk rally comes as non-commercial futures traders (large speculators, traders, and hedge funds) have amassed the largest short position in crude oil futures on record:



Last week’s volume in crude futures was off the charts, however, until┬áprice can leap above previous support and the falling 50-day simple moving average near ~$36 the rally will remain guilty until proven innocent…


WTI Crude Oil (Weekly)