Lithium Stocks Continue to Soar

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The lithium sector continues to heat up with the Global X Lithium exchange-traded fund LIT rising another 2% today and breaking above a key resistance level ($22):


LIT (Daily)


LIT has total assets of less than $50 million and as we pointed out last week even a modest investment inflow from hedge funds would cause a major rise in the relatively small publicly traded lithium stock universe.

Lithium X (LIX.V) hit a new all-time high today on heavy volume:


LIX.V (Daily)



LIX continues to follow a textbook bullish pattern of large rises on heavy volume followed by periods of consolidation/pullback on lighter volume.


International Lithium (ILC.V) is a smaller (micro-cap) Venture listed lithium stock that has experienced a huge influx of buying volume in the last week:


ILC.V (Daily)


Lithium continues to look like it’s a sector that investors cannot afford to ignore in 2016.


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