Siyata Mobile: Becoming A Dominant Player In The Connected Professional Mobile Device Market

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Siyata Mobile is committed to being the dominant player in the connected professional mobile device market by 2017.

Five months ago we highlighted a company that produces cutting edge all-in one Smart Phone products for commercial fleets. Siyata Mobile has developed the world’s first vehicle mounted Smart Phone device catered towards commercial vehicles and fleets. Siyata (TSX-V: SIM) has continued to execute on its plan of providing the highest quality and most technologically advanced mobile communication devices for global corporate vehicles and fleets.


Here is a small sampling of SIM’s progress during the last several months:

Siyata Mobile Announces Record Order of 850 Devices in February From Long Sanding Customer

Siyata Mobile Receives Purchase Order from Major Norwegian Bus Company for 180 Devices

Siyata Reports Record Sales of $9.9M in 2015


Siyata is committed to being a technological leader in all-in one Smart Phone technology for corporations and fleets while growing its market share in a $7+ billion market segment:



Siyata has aggressively grown revenue and just last month the company received an order for 850 Truckfone devices from a large mobile operator in Israel. Israel continues to be a strong market opportunity for Siyata which SIM is committed to grow further.


Siyata is targeting in excess of 40% revenue growth in 2016:



Siyata’s recent success has clearly gained the attention of investors as SIM shares have staged a technical chart pattern breakout in recent days on heavy volume:



SIM has more than C$3 million net cash on hand in its Treasury with a fully diluted market cap of barely more than C$20 million. Considering its revenue growth trend, its recent customer acquisition success, and the size of the market opportunity the future looks bright for Siyata investors. We look forward to following the Siyata story and updating readers on the company’s progress.